Black Butte Retrievers

Before purchasing our first English Golden, we spent endless hours researching medium sized dog breeds, but we were looking for something very specific. The main goal was to find a breed that was excellent with kids, protective over our family, enjoyed playing fetch and swimming, had little health issues in their lines, so they were able to live a long, wonderful life. When we stumbled upon these amazing dogs, we realized immediately this was the breed for us! Unlike American Goldens, who have been extremely over-bred in the United States, the English Cream Retrievers have an excellent health history having only come over to the states from Europe in the last few decades. We could not have picked a sweeter, more patient, easy going group of dogs and feel so blessed for the wonderful additions they have made to our family!

If you have any additional questions regarding our puppies, our home or our practices, please feel free to ask!

Our Life & Home

​​How do you manage three indoor dogs, two kids and work?

I get asked this question often, so I wanted to share a bit about our lifestyle and routine. Yes it's a bit crazy around here at times, but it's also very rewarding having these amazing animals as members of our family. My children love the dogs, not to mention the puppies, and the endless play time and snuggles they provide. I truly believe that this kind socialization has made all the difference in their excellent behavior. 

So there are a few key things we do to keep some level of sanity in our home. 

1. Crating. I know, it's a subject of much controversy, but as much as I love this breed, they are curious creatures who like to investigate and sometimes talk to passing neighbors. So yes, I crate all three of my dogs when I'm gone and at bed time.

2. Feeding. Everyone gets fed separately and at the same time every day. I'm ok with free feeding, but remember, I need to keep my title as Pack Leader and for a household with two kids and three pack creatures, it can be a challenge. He who controls the food, controls the pack. We feed REAL food and HOMEMADE TREATS!

3. Dog Door. It seems simple, but it saves me a lot of trips opening and closing the sliding door. It also calms them mentally to know they have access to the potty yard any time they need it.

4. Separate Potty Yard. We have three yards actually. The grassy play yard, the large potty yard and the covered puppy yard. This helps more than most people realize. No need to check the kids shoes every time they come in the house for stepping in someones #2. 

In all honesty, the biggest thing is CONSISTENCY. Make a routine and keep to it. Meals, play time, potty time, rules, discipline, positive affirmation and regular outdoor exercise. These pups are creatures of habit and do best with knowing what to expect!


Thank you for taking the time to check out our page! Black Butte English Cream Golden Retrievers is a family owned breeding program located in the resort town of Bend, Oregon, a city known for it's incredible weather, stunning views and vast array of unique and enticing breweries!

Like most Bendites, our furry kids love the outdoors, playing in the water and staying active. We only place them in the best homes, so we work to carefully match each puppy with the right family and lifestyle for them.

We are a very small facility and plan to stay that way. Our dogs take part in our everyday life as well as outdoor activities like swimming, playing at the park, camping and bird hunting. We feel that the more you invest into your pet, the more joy you will get out of owning them. Myself and my children spend countless hours socializing each puppy from birth until they head to their forever homes, so each puppy gets lots of daily love!