Black Butte Retrievers

The two payment options we currently accept are either:

  1. Check. For Deposit Holds only, or payments prior to picking up puppy. 
  2. Cash. For payment in person upon pickup.


Check out our "Products We Love" to find out what you need to get you through those first few months! You can also learn more about training suggestions at  "Training & Behavior" page.

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Our Purchase Process Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Due to the constant Parvo problem throughout the Pacific Northweste (read more here), we do not allow any new visitors in our home between Mama getting bred and the puppies turning 7 weeks of age. We realize that many families would like to visit, but due to previous issues we have encountered with health issues developing from people coming by during times where either Mama or baby's immune system is compromised from pregnancy or age, we simply choose not to tak risk the health of our puppies before they have been properly vaccinated.

Due to this inconvenience, we are happy to help your choose the perfect puppy for you in any way that we can, including giving full descriptions of personalities, sending pictures, posting youtube videos of the puppies at place and anything else we can do to guide you to the right choice, so always feel free to ask!


When can i pick up my puppy?

#1 Send US a Message - We want to get to know you!


payment options

Generally speaking, puppies go home at 8 weeks of age, but we hang on to some longer who need that extra time to be ready to take on the big outside world! In some cases, we will also allow local families to pick up at 7 weeks.

Now you've reserved your puppy, but we're guessing you still have some questions? Let's see if we can answer some of them for you!

Black Butte Retrievers

Bend, OR 97702


(please use form)

Phone:  (541) 803-8553

Text Only  9:00am - 9:00pm PST

For phone calls, please text or email to schedule a time.

*We are an active family, so we stay pretty busy, so making an appointment for calls works best! Thank you for understanding.

Upon receipt of your email, we will automatically add you to our Waiting List. When we don't have litters, please be patient with correspondence and allow us 2-3 days to respond, as we stay busy with two kids and three dogs, going to local events, visiting schools and elder care homes, camping, hunting and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Central Oregon. We will get back to you in order of your email. Don't worry, you won't lose your place in line!

Our purchase process is actually quite's how it works:

1.  Prior to a litter being born, please email us (using the form above) to RESERVE your puppy. In order to hold your Reservation, you will need to make a $500 deposit within one week of emailing us. If no deposit is made, you will stay on the general "Wait List". 

2.  Once the puppies are born, families on the Reservation List will be notified first of the birth, even before it's posted to our website!

3.  Each family will have to decide if it's the right litter and time for their new forever family member to come home. If we don't hear back from you within 3 business days, we will go down the list to the next family in line. Next, all families on the Waiting List will be notified of the birth.

4.  Once you confirm that you are ready to commit to a puppy, we require an additional $500 deposit (or $1,000 if you were on the waiting list and have not put any deposits down yet) toward the total purchase price of $2,000 in order to hold your place in line.

5.  At 2 weeks old, we will post the first set of pictures and determine who is getting a boy vs. a girl.

6.  At 3-4 weeks old, we will begin to see personalities develop and we will match each puppy with it's perfect home!

7.  The Final payment can be made prior 6 weeks via check or cash, or at 7-8 weeks upon pickup via cash.


#2 THE WaitING list (get notified with PUPPY updates)

When you purchase a puppy from Black Butte Retrievers, you can expect the best! We send our puppies home having been handled since birth by our entire family and close group of friends. They are used to our kids playing with them only a daily basis and assisting in all of their regular care, so they are wonderful with children. Thanks to a time proven method of growing their potty/living space, our puppies also leave home ready to tackle potty training and rarely take more than 1-2 weeks to be potty trained in their new homes.

When you head out with your new little one in tow, you can expect to take the following:

  1. A folder with a signed copy of our Contract & Health Guarantee.
  2. A copy of all of their Medical Records, including their 6 week "Well Puppy" Veterinarian checkup.
  3. AKC Limited Registration papers.
  4. A small starter bag of food.
  5. A cute and smelly toy that is scented just like home!
  6. A rice bag that you can warm to keep them company during their first nights home, made from the baby blankets they have used since birth. We are all about a comfortable transition for puppy and for you!
  7. Most importantly, my cell phone number that you can call or text any time with questions or when you're feeling lost with potty or behavior training, health decisions or even just to share updated pictures! I can't tell you how much we love updates on our furry grandbabies!